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Monday 18 October 2010

Bibliography: Miroslav Sasek

Welcome to our very special Behind the Books – in honour of talented author Miroslav Sasek, a writer I am rather obsessed with. Born in Prague in 1916, Sasek first studied as an architect but worked as a painter and illustrator for most of his life.

His first iconic This is… book was published in 1958 – This is Paris, and so commenced a magnificent series of picture books dedicated to some of the world's great cities and countries.

The following bibliography shows Sasek’s This Is… titles, along with other books he worked on. You will notice reissue dates for most of the books, which are only now being re-released after 50 years of making children smile. Enjoy this amazing list.

This is Paris (1959, 2004)

This is London (1959, 2004)

This is Rome (1960, 2007)

This is New York (1960, 2003)

This is Edinburgh (1961, 2006)

This is Munich (1961)

This is Venice (1961, 2005)

This is San Francisco (1962, 2003)

This is Israel (1962, 2008)

This is Cape Canaveral (1963, 2009)
(Later published as This is Cape Kennedy and reissued as This is the Way to the Moon)

This is Ireland (1964, 2005)

This is Hong Kong (1965, 2007)

This is Greece (1966, 2009)

This is Texas (1967, 2006)

This is the United Nations (1968)

This is Washington, D.C. (1969)

This is Australia (1970, 2009)

This is Historic Britain (1974, 2008) reissued as This is Britain

All published by W. H. Allen in the UK, Macmillan in the US and various other publishers worldwide.

Books written & illustrated by Sasek

Benjamin a tisíc morskych dasu Kapitána Barnabáse (1947)

Vesely kalendarik (Happy calendar) (1948)


Stone is not cold (1961)

Mike and the Modelmakers (1970)

Books illustrated by Sasek

Krysar, versovana prohadka pre deti by Jan Pilar (1945)
Zvonokosy by Gabriel Chevallier (1948)
Sedm mamlasu by Eduard Petiska (c.1950?)

Letters from Pompeii by Wilhelmina Femmster Jashemski (1963)

See the city! A beginner's guide to San Francisco by Effie Lee Morris (1967)

Zoo ist das Leben : satierische verse by Max Colpet, Horst Lemke (1974)

For a wonderful bio on Sasek, visit This is M Sasek.