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Wednesday 20 October 2010

Review: Chill

Gee Little Hare are producing some gorgeous picture books. Another triumph on their literary list, Chill is a sweet, hopelessly charming story that will hook little ones in faster than a dotty-coated ice cream cone.

Written and illustrated by Thompson, this is a story about a best friend duo – Dolly the Pig and Jack the Rabbit – and how wonderfully fun friendship can be. Until… a minor misunderstanding frays the edges of fun.

Majorly miffed, Dolly leaves Jack’s house in a right tizz. She is mad! She is sad. She takes a deep breath and then lies down in a warm bath, trying to think about things that make her happy.

Meanwhile, Jack is also mad. And sad. He, too, takes a deep breath and has a lie down, trying to think of things that cheer him up.

The next day, the off-kilter duo go to their favourite place (that just happens to be the same place – a coincidence that happens quite a lot with best friends) where the couple mutually admit they’ve missed each other.

Much whooping and happiness ensues, as Dolly and Jack remake friends – playing games, chatting, giving each other a shoulder rub and relaxing back-to-back under a tree where Jack takes note that they’re now both officially 'chilled'.

Dotted with speech bubbles that add even more character to the storyline, this story’s message is deliciously subtle and totally relatable for young children – teaching them that sometimes friendship doesn’t always go well, and how important it is to be humble… and to learn to cool down.

The pictures are gorgeously funny and the one where the duo pretend to be trees is priceless. Enjoy with your chilled child. Smile factor: high.

Title: Chill
Author/Illustrator: Carol Thompson
Publisher: Little Hare, A$24.99RRP
Publication Date: 1 July 2010
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781921541735
For ages: 1 - 5
Type: Picture Book

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