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- author Jackie French

Saturday 30 October 2010

Review: Gross Me Out

With hilarious and very gross front cover cartoons and the subtitle 50 nasty projects to disgust your friends and repulse your family, this totally gross book from Lark Books is the perfect collection of the sickest, most vomit-coated projects and science experiments for your beastly child.

Frankly, this book couldn’t be a more perfect book for imps during Halloween.

Divided into some wholesome chapters as Your Very Gross Body, Gag Gifts, Gross Grandma’s Repugnant Recipes, and my favourite – You’re Gross and You’re Proud, readers will leap about in fetid ecstasy at the gory glory in store.

Yes, you too can grow your own bacteria and witness just what kind of critters in habit your body on a daily basis. Want to perpetrate bad breath? Not a problem (but don’t worry, mum, it’s only temporary). What about poop soap? Freak dad completely out of his birthday suit with this realistic-looking shower staple.

There’s also such tempting terrors as making your own guts t-shirt, whipping up some toe-jam dip or road-kill roast – and what gross book could be complete without a range of superb slime recipes? There’s even games suggestions to make the most of your slime.

This well-written and quite funny book also includes fascinating history snippets-made-cool and plenty of high-educational (stay with me on this one) projects that a science-based and really quite fascinating – even if the resultant project doesn’t smell or look so good!

Funny, colourful illustrations and superb design make this an all-rounder in terms of quality, content and style – and if you can put aside the icky factor for just a moment or two, gifting this book is sure to make your little Halloween monsters very happy.

Title: Gross Me Out: 50 nasty projects to disgust your friends and repulse your family
Illustrator: Clay Meyer
Publisher: Lark Books, A$14.95RRP
Publication Date: May 2004
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781579905057
For ages: 6-12
Type: Information/Activity Book