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Saturday 23 October 2010

Review: Mr Elephanter

I have a new favourite book! How could one little book have just everything I love all rolled into one papery package?

First of all, it's hard cover with dust jacket. Love. It's pastel-whimsy-illustration-perfect. Love love. It's adorable storyline is retro-charming and so beyond cute, there exists no word to describe it. Love love love. (I love being rendered speechless.)

Yes, Mr Elephanter is one collectible little book. From its endpapers to its Mr Elephanter boogying on down scene, this is a book you'll be pushing the kids aside to read.

The adorable illustrations prove Pien a serious talent in the children's book world, and I could easily see her work extending into other marketable pursuits. Her work is full of character, charm and will absolutely make you smile, if not giggle - and they certainly achieve their task of showing children how glorious it feels to care for others.

Mr Elephanter is so-called because he cares for elephants. But not just any old dull herd - wee, scampering, darling little baby elephants who live in an a large and beautiful house (reminiscent of some olden time European movie) called the Elephantery.

Arriving early in the morning, Mr Elephanter is greeted by his little charges like excitable puppy dogs (complete with sound effects like 'fwee!' and 'poom!' as they leap into his arms). Heading to the kitchen, he whips them up some pancakes as they sit patiently on the mat, then takes them for a swim at the pool before rinsing them off.

The elephants also visit the park, where a collection of other animals also play, go to town, perform yoga and boogy on down (as previously mentioned).

When the day is done, Mr Elephanter goes home, but not before cuddles with his darlings and a promise to return the very next day.

Who could be happier? Mr Elephanter, the elephants... or you? This is shake-your-head-in-wonder good.

Title: Mr Elephanter
Author/Illustrator: Lark Pien
Publisher: Candlewick Press, A$19.95RRP
Publication Date: 1 October 2010
Format: Hardcover, dust jacket
ISBN: 9780763644093
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture book

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