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- author Jackie French

Sunday 24 October 2010

Review: Pond Magic

For a first Chomp, Angela Sunde has written a mesmerising tale in Pond Magic. Beautifully-written, cleverly detailed and reminiscent of fairytales, I immensely enjoyed her first book - a tale for the Aussie Chomps series.

When Lily Padd finds herself burping and turning green, she could never imagine the fate she has in store... even her toes have become webbed and the kids at school have started calling her 'Pond Slime'.
Then, as if things could get any worse, a new exchange student from France arrives - Rainier le Dauphin - an irritating character Lily is certain stinks of garlic and attitude.

Lily's Francophile mum is beyond delighted with Rainier but Lily is over the constant French references going on in la maison, and just wants to keep her distance from old 'Rain Gauge'.

But Lily may just need Rain Gauge if she's ever going to work out what's going on with her body... for now she is turning green!

This fun and fabulous froggy tale is interspersed with magic, wonderful characters and a not-so-perfect heroine kids will really relate to. The fairytale ending is perfectly timed, the text is rhythmic and beautifully edited, making this an impressive inaugural book from the talented Sunde.

Title: Pond Magic
Author: Angela Sunde
Illustrator: Lisa Coutts
Publisher: Penguin, A$12.95RRP
Publication Date: 27 August 2010
Format: Soft cover
ISBN: 9780143305545
For ages: 6-12
Type: Junior Fiction