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Thursday 21 October 2010

Review: Princess and Her Panther

From the author of Nim's Island comes this picture book about bravery, imagination and togetherness.

Set in a suburban backyard, a very brave princess takes her caravan of camels through the desert (the sandpit) in search of the perfect resting place for her exotic tent.

Her little sister panther follows suit, trying to be brave on their overland quest. While panther drinks from an oasis (a plastic paddle pool), the princess sets up her luxurious abode (a bright red tent) for the night.

As darkness descends, the princess helps the panther be brave as the little peeps and harmless rustlings and stirrings of the night seem amplified by childhood fear.

Shadows become monsters, scratching leaves become serptentine slitherings and the croaking and too-whit-too-whooing becomes almost too much to bear. When a great dog-wolf appears at the door of the tent, the little panther digs deep and finds she really is brave after all.

A charming, relatable story with absolutely stunning illustrations by Stringer. The final double page spread and the following endpaper spread are just beautiful.

I love 'unusual' stories of the everyday like this because they always make me wonder where the author came up with the tale - no doubt from two real little people in her real life - and doesn't real life often contain the most wonderful of stories?

Title: Princess and Her Panther
Author: Wendy Orr
Illustrator: Lauren Stringer
Publisher: A&U, A$22.99RRP
Publication Date: July 2010
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781742374246
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture book

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