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Sunday 10 October 2010

Review: There Are No Cats in This Book

Oh, this book is just yummy. Yummy wrapped in a fur coat with whiskers. You don't need to be a cat lover to appreciate the special way this book is presented by the talented Viviane Schwarz, a UK author illustrator who really really does clever books with the most charming pictures squished inside.

 Just in case you're wondering, There Are No Cats in This Book (a sequel to the popular There Are Cats in this Book) - of course - has no cats in it. Well, sort of. You see - there aren't meant to be any cats in there - but the reader busts them.

It all starts on the endpapers...
We see speech bubbles "Did you pack the tin opener?" and "Psst - I think I just heard something" then we open to a title page with a trio of very surprised cats, one caught mid-writing the title page of the book.

Sooo cute! Then we learn that the cats are surprised to see us because they're about to head off on an adventure to see the world, and even though we've just arrived, they do give their apologies, but they're off now. Leaving. Departing... but first, they have to push this book out of the way.

Only thing is, the book doesn't budge. They try to leap out of the book instead. No joy. So finally, they resort to wishing. And does it work? Well, the postcards from Elsewhere proves it.

There Are No Cats in This Book uses wonderful, simple paper engineering and lift-the-flaps and just totally smile-inducing illustrations to produce one of those books that's sure to be dog-eared and memorised in no time.

Schwarz uses a relaxed, casual tone that really appeals to kids and adults alike, making for an all-round, highly collectible book any family would love to take home and make part of the family. Miaow.
Title: There are No Cats in this Book
Author/Illustrator: Viviane Schwarz
Publisher: Walker Books, A$27.95RRP
Format: Hardcover with dustjacket
ISBN: 9781406316896
For ages: 1 - 5
Type: Picture Book

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