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- author Jackie French

Monday 15 November 2010

Bibliography: Nette Hilton

Nette Hilton's career has spanned over two decades - and is still going strong. This highly acclaimed and well-loved Australian author joins us for our final Behind the Books feature of 2010.

As always, we begin with a bibliography:

The Long Red Scarf (1987, Omnibus) - CBCA Honour Book of the Year 1988

Dirty Dave the Bushranger (1987, Roland Harvey Press)

A Monstrous Story (1989, Five Mile Press)

Prince Lachlan (1989, Omnibus)

A Proper Little Lady (1990, HarperCollins) - Shortlisted, CBCA Book of the Year Awards 1991

Square Pegs (1991, HarperCollins)

The Web (1991, HarperCollins) - CBCA Honour Book of the Year 1992

Andrew Jessup (1992, McVitty Press)

Hiccups (1992, HarperCollins)

Toys (1992, Macmillan)

Would You? (1992, Hodder)

A Frilling Time (1993, HarperCollins)

The Belonging of Emmaline Harris (1994, Penguin)

Abigail (1995, HarperCollins)

Desley (1995, HarperCollins)

Fran (1995, HarperCollins)

Lainie (1995, HarperCollins)

Molly (1995, HarperCollins)

Sandy (1995, HarperCollins)

The Foundling (1995, HarperCollins)

Four Eyes (1995, HarperCollins)

Seeing Things (1995, HarperCollins)

Napoleon (1996, Hodder)

Clouded Edges (1997, HarperCollins)

The New Kid (1997, HarperCollins)

The Friday Card (1998, HarperCollins)

A Ghost of a Chance (1998, Penguin) - CBCA Honour Book of the Year 1999

Hothouse Flowers (1998, HarperCollins)

Strays (1998, Koala)

A Stuffy Old Bear (1998, Koala)

Tough Lester (1998, Omnibus)

Watch Out, William! (1998, Omnibus)

The Hicksville Horror (1999, Lothian)

What's a Bunyip? (1999, Roland Harvey Press)

The Blue Bike (2000, Koala)

Daniel and the Doors (2000, Pearson Education)

Little Platypus (2000, Scholastic)

Alfie's Gift (2001, McGraw-Hill)

Alison Wendlebury (2001, McGraw-Hill)

In My Backyard (2001, Lothian) - Shortlisted, CBCA Book of the Year Awards 2002

The Collecting of Timothy Taylor (2001, HarperCollins)

The Oogly Gum Chasing Game (2001, McGraw-Hill)

Wake Up, Isabel! (2001, McGraw-Hill)

A Grave Catastrophe (2004, Lothian)

Woolly Jumpers (2005, Lothian)

Living Next to Lulah (2006, HarperCollins)

Star of the Show (2006, University of Queensland Press)

Small Bilby and the Midnight Star (2006, Scholastic)

Billy Bilby and Friends activity book (2007, Scholastic)

Star of the Circus (2007, University of Queensland Press)

The Adventures of a Late-Night Swearer (2008, University of Queensland Press)

Sprite Downberry (2008, HarperCollins) - Shortlisted, Queensland Premiers Literary Award 2010. Shortlisted, NSW Premiers Literary Award 2009.

Billy Bilby and Friends Colour-In Fun (2008, Working Title Press)

Pyro Watson and the Hidden Treasure (2009, Random House)

The Intruder (2009, Lothian)

The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Games (2009, Working Title Press)

My Silent World (2009, Lothian)

The Innocents (2010, Random House)