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Wednesday 10 November 2010

Review: Animal Homes

Babies and toddlers love to look at animals, make the noises and learn all about what each animal does... and where they live.

This board book - nice and sturdy for little hands - explains where each of these animals live, what they do and why. New terms, like 'nest', 'barn', 'web' and 'hive' are explained in simple (but not ridiculously so) language. Questions (which babies and toddlers also love) are asked: 'Have you ever tasted honey?' and 'Have you ever touched an earthworm?' for example.

These questions also give parents great ideas for outdoor fun and education.

Accompanying the informative text are photographs of each of the animals, as well as cute illustrations.

Little ones will love this book and soak up the information it has to offer.

Title: Animal Homes
Author: Julie Aigner-Clark
Illustrator: Nadeem Zaidi
Publisher: Disney for Scholastic, $7.99 RRP
Publication Date: September 2010
Format: Board book
ISBN: 9781423100218
For ages: 9 months +
Type: Picture book

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