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Wednesday 17 November 2010

Review: A Girl Called Harry

Harry - full name, Harriet Jasmine Emerald Florence Mabey McDonald - has an imagination that could run its own race in the Olympic Games.

Her best friend, Jessica, is the exact opposite of Harry, and loves to shop and play sports - which Harry hates.

When a new girl, Mallory, starts at school and forges a tight friendship with Jessica and the other girls, Harry is left out and must learn to find her new place in life.

But most of all, she must learn to tame her imagination. Mustn't she? After all, it does get her into trouble sometimes - especially when she embarrasses herself by sensing drama where there is none - but then again, her imagination. Oh dear, this is very confusing for Harry. And in the meantime, perhaps she should just do what she does best: let her mind carry her away from the real world.

With A Girl Called Harry, Werry has brought to life a fun, gorgeously written story. But best of all is the character she has created in Harry, and readers will have lots of giggles with lots of insights into the mind of this young girl with a wild, daring streak.

There was just one part of the plot that bothered me a little, with a lack of resolution to one character's behaviour, however on the whole this is a lovely, funny story.

A Girl Called Harry challenges the 'normal' and celebrates those who are a little different.

Title: A Girl Called Harry
Author: Philippa Werry
Publisher: Scholastic, $14.99 RRP
Publication Date: June 2010
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781869439705
For ages: 9+
Type: Novel

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