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Wednesday 24 November 2010

Review: The Monster Maintenance Manual

Who knew a writer of all things scientific could be funny? Award-winning author Peter Macinnis bares his olecranon (that’s funny bone to you) in this fabulous book – a must-have manual for all things monsterly.

We all know the fastest way to dissolve our fears is to face them, and in The Monster Maintenance Manual, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way to helping kids get control of the monster trembles.

Yes, we meet monsters under the bed (among other curious places around the house), but we quickly learn that many of these monsters aren’t quite as bad as they seem… Like the humble house spider, sometimes the odd monster or two might just be a help around the house – or even a bit of fun.

Whatever monsters are, they are a curious bunch – and this compendium of monsters is indeed curious to the point of bizarre – featuring a wonderful collection of whimsically odd and historically blended creatures that blow the term ‘urban myth’ out of the water.

Yes, a monster is responsible for missing post-wash socks... the Gobblesocks. Yes, a monster is responsible for tangling your shoelaces - what else but the Shoelace Monster? Yes, if you hit the wrong note on your piano, a Piano Tuna may just be responsible, and if you find hair on the soap, yes you have a Hairyoddities infestation.

Each entry in this fascinating spotter’s guide offers an overall monster explanation as well as notes on its origins, size, uses, hates, likes and what the monster is a threat to.

The author – a monster expert if there ever was one – also tell us some unusual facts about each monster (as if there could be more unusual facts!) – for example, Pink Elephants have a very large appetite for rum-soaked fruitcake, and Sleep Eaters have a tiny hole for a mouth, just big enough to suck in sleep and dreams.

Complete with an introduction on the origins of monsters, where they live, caring for them, getting rid of them and how to choose the right monster for your home, this hilarious book will have your little monsters nose-deep in the pages.

Superb, detailed Illustrations by Adele K Thomas bring to life this loopy line-up of critters – from Bombats to Imps, Soap Slurpers to Ceiling Slimers – this is the only monster manual you’ll ever need. And honestly? How could you comfortably live without it? Put one under the bed.

Title: The Monster Maintenance Manual
Illustrator: Adele K Thomas
Publisher: Pier 9, A$29.95RRP
Publication Date: November 2010
Format: Soft cover
ISBN: 9781741968088
For ages: 8+
Type: Picture Book/Information Book

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