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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Review: My Circus

Oh, this book is really super cute. I mean - really really gorgeous. And so beautifully designed, with little ones in mind.

From it's soft, foam padded cover to its thick glossy card pages, this book will be chewed on maniacally in no time. And we wouldn't have it any other way. Chewing = loved.

You see, babies and their gorgeous, fresh little brains thrive on contrast. It's super-stimulating (which is why you don't want this kind of thing dangling above the cot; a sure impediment to dozing) to expose them to high contrast because it rapidly connects up and dots the i's on all those synapses in the brain.

And what does that to? Helps with development. And - I must presume - also totally entertains.

If My Circus by French author/illustrator Xavier Deneux can entertain this 40-something reviewer, then surely it can send the mind of your little one reeling with excitement. Not only does the book feature high contrast black and white pages dotted with bright, divinely retro shapes of all things circusy, it also provides cut outs in the firm board pages for little fingers to go poking in.

And there's even the odd circusy word for tots who are now on their feet and starting to show off how clever they are by learning words.

Milk. Warm cuddles. My Circus. I'm sorry, but that's all you need to raise a baby.

Title: My Circus
Author/Illustrator: Xavier Deneux
Publisher: Bloomsbury, A$14.99RRP
Publication Date: June 2010
Format: Boardboard (foam cover)
ISBN: 9781408807002
For ages: 0 - 2
Type: Board Book