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Friday 12 November 2010

Review: Pop-Up - A Paper Engineering Masterclass

Absolutely adore pop-ups, me. Like, seriously... bordering on obsession. And it seems I've passed this obsession on to my kids because my daughter Ella had to be forcibly separated from this book after hours of ceasless creating and wonderment (so she could join us for dinner).

For dessert, Ella ate this book. She even slept with it on the foot of her bed. And my, she got busy with it.

Pop-Up - A Paper Engineering Masterclass is masterfully produced. As Ella purposefully told me, you really need absolutely nothing to create the pop-ups in this book. No stickytape, no scissors, nothing but the will to create.

Beautifully illustrated, the book features a series of double page spreads that kids can easily construct themselves, with ready-made sticky tabs, and all. The components for each spread are attached to each page as a zip-off concertina fold - and kids can simply pop the pieces out - no cutting required.

As they construct the pages, children will learn how the art of pop-up papercrafting works - how each component drives the other, and how they can master these techniques themselves.

There's also a section at the front of the book on basic paper engineering techniques that kids can use to create their own booklets and cards, relating the techniques to examples in the book.

I've always marvelled at paper engineering - and this book is a wonderful introduction to a fascinating topic. Imaginative, beautifully illustrated and crafted - this is more than an activity book. Once all projects are created, it becomes a gorgeous pop-up book kids can enjoy for years to come.

Title: Pop-Up: A Paper Engineering Masterclass
Author: Ruth Wickings
Illustrator: Frances Castle
Publisher: Walker Books, A$39.95RRP
Publication Date: 1 November 2010
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781406330854
For ages: 4+
Type: Information Book/Activity Book

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