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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Ten things about Sandy...

I love learning trivial things about authors... sort of makes them feel more 'real' and it seems to add so completely to a book when you know a little something about the person who wrote it.

So, here are 10 things I have discovered about the lovely and talented Sandy Fussell that you may not have known...

1. She is worried about frogs and their rapid disappearance.

2. Her favourite foods are sushi and chocolate (join the queue!).

3. When she runs, Sandy giggles. (I'm giggling just thinking about it!)

4. She's afraid of volcanoes... and polar bears!

5. She loves sudoku.

6. If she was an animal, she would love to be a wolf, so she could howl at the moon!

7. Sandy's favourite subject at school was ancient history, so she travelled all the way to Egypt just so she could touch the pyramids.

8. She really wants to go to Japan. She was born in the Japanese year of the rat.

9. She collects yowies!

10. Sandy adores South Western American art. Her favourite holiday spot is Santa Fe, New Mexico - where she can add to her collection!