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Friday 17 December 2010

On Christmas with KBR's Kelly Morton

Christmas is just über exciting when you are small.

When I think of Christmas when I was growing up, I think of tradition. I think of the same old bloody Christmas record that would come out year after year after year. The one that everyone groaned about yet no one ever turned it off.

Actually my Dad, who played the part of Christmas Grinch in the Morton residence, would always moan the loudest about it. Funnily enough, though, it was always my Dad that would put that record on because he knew how much my mum loved it, and loved Christmas. It was just another Christmas tradition in itself for Dad to moan about it.

Every Christmas Eve since I was too tiny to even remember, my mum would read the picture book of The Night Before Christmas. EVERY Christmas Eve, without fail.

As the years went past, I learned to read along with that book, I knew the melody of the words by heart. Even when I was old enough to read I would still insist that mum read it to me, after all, its tradition and its just not the same with just me reading it. And then when I was WAY too old for it and I would still think of it every Christmas Eve.

It's a tradition that I will carry on with that same book one day when I have kids who get über excited at Christmas.