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- author Jackie French

Monday, 7 February 2011

Jackie French - 10 Fun Facts

There's so much to learn about our favourite authors... here are 10 fun facts you may not have known about Jackie French, in her own words...

1. I make the best choc chip biscuits, pineapple crush, salad dressing and icecream in the universe (when they work).

2. One ear sticks out, but it's hidden by my hair.

3. I hoot back at powerful owls and can speak a few words of wombat.

4. I have lived with a one legged goose, a one legged wallaby, and a three legged cat. (Not at the same time.)

5. I slurp when eating mangoes. (I only eat mangoes in private).

6. I faint if I stub my little toes. (This is embarrassing).

7. I track wombats, wallabies, snakes and other animals through the bush around my home.

8. I grow 272 different kinds of fruit. (It's a big garden.)

9. I can build a house, milk an echidna, use a chainsaw, make cheese*, and abseil down a cliff, none of them very well.

10. I run my computer on solar power.

* but not echidna cheese


  1. hahaha very funny!

  2. Ya can u tell me 3 interesting facts about yourself its for a book report im doing it on your book rover. Its awesome!!!!

  3. Hey can u tell me 3 interesting facts about yourself jackie im doing a book report on your book rover.


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