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- author Jackie French

Thursday 31 March 2011

Review: Ish

Ramon loves to draw – anything, anywhere – but when his brother laughs at his drawings, Ramon loses his confidence and the joy of creating.

After months of frustration, Ramon decides to give up drawing all together, until his younger sister reminds him that drawings don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Another wonderful reminder from author/illustrator Peter H Reynolds that the beauty of imagination and creativity is in the process rather than the finished product. Ramon discovers that his ‘ish’ drawings allow him to sketch not only things but also thoughts and feelings, opening up a whole new world of creativity.

This celebration of imagination is also an important lesson for children that what they do and who they are doesn’t need to be perfect to have value.

It is also a very important reminder for parents about the power of words spoken into a child’s life – the limiting power of criticism and the way that positive, encouraging words can empower a child to explore their world and express themselves with freedom and creativity.

Title: Ish
Author/Illustrator: Peter H Reynolds
Publisher: Candlewick Press, US$14
Publication date: 19 August 2004
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780763623449
For ages: 5+ years
Type: Picture book