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Wednesday 9 March 2011

Review: Little Mates series

This gorgeous array of animal characters is sure to get your child hooked on the concept of a series!

In this collection of picture books, each letter of the alphabet will be represented with its own animal: Amazing Amelia the ant, Bouncy Ben the bilby, Cuddly Callum the cockatoo, and so on. And with an Australian focus, what's not to love about this series for pre-schoolers? 

Filled with words beginning with the applicable letter of the alphabet, showcasing the various sounds one letter can make, this is an educational group of books. Complete with vibrant pictures and fun storylines, they'll be a hit with parents and children alike. 

I love that each story finishes with a question - "What about you? Are you amazing too?" - opening up numerous topics and thought-provoking discussions, and prompting children to think about how a book relates to their own world.

Check out the first six books in the series and watch those little faces light up with delight. 

Titles: Little Mates: Amazing Amelia; Bouncy Ben; Cuddly Callum; Daredevil Declan; Energetic Elliot; Friendly Fred
Author: Susannah McFarlane
Illustrator: Lachlan Creagh
Publisher: Scholastic, $4.99 each
Publication Date: February 2011
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781741696783; 9781741696790; 9781741696806; 9781741696813; 9781741698299; 9781741698305
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture books

These books are available online:

Amazing Amelia
Bouncy Ben
Cuddly Callum
Daredevil Declan
Energetic Elliot
Friendly Fred