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Friday 29 April 2011

KBR Recommends: Picture Books - Apr 2011

Hamilton’s Handstand by Dave Hackett
(Penguin, $14.95, 9780143504351, Jan 2011)

Holly says her dog Hamilton can do amazing handstands.
But can he really?

Everybody watches . . . 

. . . everybody waits . . .

Can this little dog perform on queue? or is his best performance saved only for Holly? With fabulously fun and bright illustrations, this is a humorous yet poignant picture book.

Zou by Michel Gay
(Gecko Press, $14.99, 9781877467738, Mar 2011)

Zou, a resourceful little zebra, finds a creative solution to a problem all young children will identify with, making for a sweet, humorous family story, especially good for Saturday mornings.

How can Zou wake Mummy and Daddy so they won't be grumpy?
They need coffee. Lots of coffee...
A heart-warming story kids will totally relate to. Absolutely adorable illustrations will have both kids and parents drooling.

The Dream of the Thylacine by Margaret Wild
(A&U, $29.99, 9781742373836, Apr 2011)

The Dream of the Thylacine is a lament for a lost species and a celebration of the Australian landscape.

It interposes arresting text and images of the last known thylacine in a concrete cage with sweeping colour paintings of the animal in its natural environment.

Intense and poetic, Ron Brooks' striking illustrations make for an unforgettable picture book.

Terry by Anne Hamilton
(Wombat Books, $21.95, 978192163300, Apr 2011)

Terry follows the adventures of fluffy little sandpiper as he grows up and experiences the world for the first time.

From his own nest to the sweeping vistas of China and back again - the book touches on both nature and the fast advancement of humans.

Tough conditions and harsh realities of survival are sensitively portrayed and stunning illustrations by award-winning wildlife artist Sandra Temple, glossary and information on the Terek Sandpiper make this book a librarian's dream.

Alpha Monsters by Chris Kennett
(Scholastic, $16.99, 9781741697612, Apr 2011)

"Well that's how we'll find your lost toy," Freddy said. "We'll start off with you and go right through to Z."

Journey with Freddy to an amazing world filled with alphabet monsters and see if he can help monster A find his lost teddy before dinnertime.

Rhyming text and gorgeously bright, cartoon-style illustrations make this book a fun and entertaining experience for all the family.