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Thursday 14 April 2011

Review: Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy

Many children use a dummy (pacifier) to soothe and settle to sleep, and lots of those will wean themselves from doing so.

Many will not, and rely more heavily on their dummies as they grow. There reaches a time when parents know their child can and should remove the dummy from their routine, but the child is hesitant or frightened about it.

That's where a magical fairy from a far away land is needed. Enter Minkie Mary.

When your copy of Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy arrives, you must first be sneaky. Don't be tempted to open it in front of your child, as that will ruin the surprise and the magic.

When you do open it, you'll find more than a book. Your beautiful Minkie Mary package contains a picture book, a set of instructions and a little shiny, blue bag. Open the bag and you'll see a little soft mouse toy. Now you're ready for Operation Dummy Removal.

Sit down with your child and read the picture book to them. It's a gorgeous rhyming story with a lovely premise and beautiful, warm illustrations.

Minkie Mary lives in a far away land. Tommy, meanwhile, is a big boy who doesn't need his dummy anymore but he's sad at the thought of not having it. His mum reassures him and together they collect all his dummies, place them in a special blue bag (from the kit) and leave them in a safe spot that night. The next morning, Tommy discovers that Minkie Mary has been and left him a special soft mouse toy (again from the kit) in exchange for the dummies.

Keep reading the story over the next few days, talking about the illustrations and what Minkie Mary does, until you feel your little one is ready. Then do it!

Minkie Mary is sure to make the dummy-weaning process a positive experience for children and parents.

Head to the Minkie Mary website for more info

Title: Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy
Author: Kate Minehan
Illustrator: Jen Hill
Publisher: Katrina Minehan, $29.95 RRP
Publication Date: April 2011
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780646540283
For ages: Toddlers, preschoolers +
Type: Picture book (and more!)