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Saturday 2 April 2011

Review: Press Here

Like the Do Not Press the Red Button website, this new release by brilliant French artist and KBR favourite Hervé Tullet is one of those books you just have to touch immédiatement!

You just can't help your twitching finger from reaching out and pressing that yellow button, post-haste. And what happens when you press it?


You're hooked on turning to the next page and diving into this utterly simple yet utterly breathtaking book. With snow white pages and a serious of coloured dots, kids are invited to push, tap and rub dots gently, then to do so in quick succession and with numbered taps.

Next, shaking of the book is required. That's right - and just watch those dots tumble about!

As the author talks the reader through this amazing dotty adventure, we become totally enamoured by the warmth and candour of his voice - like the best and kindest and sweetest kindergarten teacher in the whole wide world.

Mesmerising. Who needs an iPad with Hervé Tullet around?

Title: Press Here
Author/Illustrator: Hervé Tullet
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, A$19.99
Publication Date: 1 April 2011
ISBN: 9781742375281
Format: Hard cover
For ages: 2 – 6
Type: Picture Book

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