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Tuesday 19 April 2011

Review: Rabbit's Year

I’d like a friend in Rabbit. Creative, musical, happy and generous, this gorgeous little bunny wants nothing more than someone to be with, someone to play music with. All the other animals play music together, but Rabbit is too shy to join in. He instead plays alone… and his music becomes louder…

…and louder…

…and louder… until the other animals of the Chinese Zodiac, one-by-one, from the Rat to the Pig, join Rabbit in friendship.

Jedda Robaard’s gorgeous, Japanese-style illustrations are subtle and whimsical, bringing a modern, updated and absolutely adorable update to a classic Chinese tradition, making this a beautiful, collectible book.

Little bunnies will love learning about their personality traits, and other little critters will also learn their assets – the mischievous monkey, the artistic ox, the brave tiger.

Released just in time for the new Year of the Rabbit (2011), the book also features a chart where children can discover their own Chinese Zodiac animal, but remember the Chinese year starts in either January or February, so those born in those months will need to consult a Chinese calendar to check their correct year.

A sweet and engaging book in any culture, any time of the year.

Title: Rabbit’s Year
Author: Melissa Keil
Illustrator: Jedda Robaard
Publisher: Black Dog Books, $14.99
Publication Date: February 2011
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9781742031750
For ages: 2 - 7
Type: Picture Book

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