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Sunday 10 April 2011

Review: Seven Little Australians

I still remember reading Seven Little Australians as a child, only my version was a memorable and very pretty picture book. Since then, I’ve enjoyed the unabridged book and recently, was absolutely delighted to see this new version from the National Library of Australia.

One of Australia’s most successful children’s books and in continuous print since 1894, Seven Little Australians follows the trials of the Woolcot family – seven children, their youthful and charming mother, and their hardened father, Captain Woolcot.

From fat little Baby right through to sixteen year old beauty Meg, reading Seven Little Australians is like taking an authentic step back in time. Children of modern times will be mesmerized by the way these children lived, how strict life was back then, and the rebellious ways in which the children respond to their straight-laced life. In fact, their antics must be utterly intriguing for modern kids to read.

Featuring exceptional paintings by John Lennox, this timeless edition is a must-own in every Australian household, and would make a beautiful gift for a young girl or friends overseas.

The book also features background information on the history of the book, as well as annotations. There’s even a glimpse at the hand-written original manuscript, penned by Ethel Turner over 100 years ago.


Title: Seven Little Australians
Author: Ethel Turner
Illustrator: John Lennox
Publisher: National Library of Australia, $34.95
Publication Date:
Format: Hard cover with dust jacket
For ages: 8+
Type: Illustrated Fiction

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