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- author Jackie French

Monday 25 April 2011

Review: Tales from the Secret Annexe

If The Diary of Anne Frank touched the lives of readers all over the world, this further peek into this young writer’s life, will be certainly make many breathless.

Anne was only thirteen years old when her family was hidden from the Nazis in the Secret Annexe of her father’s office building. In order to cope, this talented young girl wrote. And wrote and wrote. Her musing and revelations, are of course, now famous, as is the tragedy of her death in a German concentration camp.

Anne dreamed of becoming a famous author, and while her dream was certainly realized, it was so sadly posthumous.

It's a wonderful thing, then that this second book - filled with stories, fables, personal reminiscences and an unfinished novel - has been re-issued after being out of print for many years.

Tales from the Secret Annexe is a must-read for Anne fans and anyone fascinated by the human condition. Like The Diary of Anne Frank, this book once again leaves us with an aching question: what kind of woman would Anne Frank have become and what incredible achievements would she have achieved in this world?

Of course, we’ll never know. Her legacy is simply the poetry of a life far too short.

Title: Tales from the Secret Annexe
Author: Anne Frank
Publisher: Orion, $27.99
Publication Date: January 2011
ISBN: 9781905559206
Format: Hard cover with dust jacket
For ages: 8+
Type: Information Book