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Tuesday 31 May 2011

ebook Review: Mr Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes

I'm kind of getting over the app producers relying on classic fairytales to pump out ebooks (part of the Great Rush, I suppose) but I must admit, this rendition of the classic Red Riding Hood is something quite out of the box.

And we love out-of-the-box at KBR.

Young Red-hood's mother is quite the creator of delicious goodies - cherry tarts, chocolate cookies and mouth-watering apple pies. When she makes a batch of delectable ginger cupcakes, Red-hood sets off to take a basketful to Grandma.

On the way, Red-hood encounters a sneaky Mr Wolf, lying 'run over' on the road, supposedly knocked over by a band of motorcyclist rabbits. The lovely Red-hood stops to help, revealing to the Wolf she's off to Grandma's.

Of course, that big bad wolf scoots off to Grandma's, too, and sends the elderly woman off on a wild errand. He then dons that infamous nightcap and glasses for a surprise Red-hood will never forget.

A very clever twist to this infamous tale adds fun, humour and quirkyness to the Red Riding Hood tale.

Gorgeous 1960s inspired music will make adults feel like they're on the set of a Peter Seller's film and strikingly whimsical illustrations by Lucia Masciullo are a ginger-cupcake-feast for the eyes. Sound effects are charming and special effects are non-existent, making this a true ebook. There is also an option to turn off the music (though why would you want to - it's so charming).

The narrative voice (Nicky Peelgrane) is delicious and beautifully-expressed (complete with wolfish voice), though she does mis-read once or twice and her intonation can be occasionally distracting. I nonetheless love the Australian accent.

Mr Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes is a lovely ebook production - I am looking forward to more from Blue Quoll, though I do hope they provide a page button to return directly to the main menu (as is the way with most ebooks, it is missing).

Mr Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes is produced by Blue Quoll and is available on iTunes for AU$3.99.
The LITE version of this ebook (first 10 pages free) will be available on the AppStore starting 1st June 2011 - don't miss your chance to check out this gorgeous story!