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- author Jackie French

Monday 16 May 2011

Fun Facts: Morris Gleitzman

Want to delve a little more into the creative mind of Mr Gleitzman? So do we! Enjoy this little peek . . .

Morris writes his books between two offices - one at his Sydney home and one in his Melbourne home. 

If he couldn't be a writer, he would do something involving travel, wine or stationery.

Morris likes to cook, tidy up the house and play table tennis.

He's very good at making lists and finding bargains at the shops.

Morris wrote his first book - The Other Facts Of Life - in 1985.

He never gets bored because he has a very active imagination.

Morris is a Capricorn (his birthday is 9 January, in case you're thinking of sending presents).

His eyes are grey and his favourite colour is black.

Lots of things inspire Morris to write, including stationery.

He likes to write lists.

Morris used to be married to Christine but now he's married to Mary-Anne.

He has two children, Sophie and Ben, and two step-children, Tom and Jamie.

One of his favourite words is 'bum'.

And lastly - how on earth do you pronounce his last name???

Let's hear it from the man himself. . . "Well, Gleit rhymes with light, white and bite, which makes me sound more like a dairy product than I really am."