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- author Jackie French

Sunday 5 June 2011

ebook Review: It's Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Released in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution, It's Tyranno-saurus Rex! takes kids on a journey to our planet's Jurassic past. Here we meet an unnerving line-up of dinosaurs from the seemingly inocuous Hipsilophodon right through to the Rex herself.

T-Rex is hungry and she's stomping through a vine-ridden forest in search of prey. Presented in a story format, informative facts are woven throughout the text, and new creatures such as crocodiles and Triceratops are frequently introduced.

Sound effects are gentle and appropriate, and children can tap on any creature to repeat its name and hear it said aloud. The hefty, tongue-curling American accent and its action-TV-drama intonation are a little much for my ears, but kids will probably love the over-the-top dramatics.

There are no special effects in this app - only page zooming/close-ups of the creatures, which make it seem a little dated (yes, already). There is a page option to return to the main menu, read the story alone, with narration or on auto play.

Kids who love a thrill will be enchanted by the quite realistic pictures. Those with a more tender side, may need to hold mum's hand. Ideal for dino-addicts. 

It's Tyrannosaurus Rex! is produced by Oceanhouse Media and is available on iTunes for AU$3.99.