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- author Jackie French

Friday 3 June 2011

KBR Welcomes newcomer Kelly Morton!

KBR is expanding. That's right. And we are thrilled to officially announce a new fulltime member to our team.

The talented, experienced and totally lovely Kelly Morton is a book-lover just like us - and her great love is children's literature.

We're so excited to welcome Kelly onboard and can't wait for more of her amazing reviews, articles and additions to KBR. Please join us in warmly welcoming Kelly!

Who: Kelly Morton

Title: Senior Reviewer

Location: Sydney

A bit about: I live in Sydney with my beautiful boyfriend and our fat, snorty pug. I work full time in publishing (four years in children's publishing) and like to spend my spare time reading, writing, singing (not well mind you) and have a habit of laughing at all things inappropriate. You know the type of things that give you those great big belly laughs that make your sides ache. I am also a massive fan of The Beatles. So massive in fact that I have even had the religious experience of going to Liverpool England. Just in case you were wondering, my favourite Beatle is John Lennon.

Latest book faves: I am completely in love with Big River, Little Fish by Belinda Jeffrey, A Bit Lost by Chris Haughton and my old favourite The BFG by Roald Dahl.

Which author/illustrator most coveted for an interview and why: My goodness, there would be so many! For author I would say Anthony Browne. He is such an eloquent writer. Always says so much with very little and all of his books have fabulous visual literacy. Illustrator I would have to say Quentin Blake. I feel like he illustrated my childhood. His stuff is so warm and familiar.

Biggest personal writing dream: I guess it is just to write for a living full time. I hope to one day ... ONE DAY ... have a whole shelf of books that I have written!

Currently working on: Working on a few things. I tend to have a few things on the go at once. Will work on an idea and then put it away for a while. Main ones are a very young (possible) picture book and on the other side of the spectrum a young adult novel is currently brewing not yet boiling. 

Favourite thing about KBR: I feel like a kid again getting to read all of these books! I love the experience of reading and I honestly enjoy people sharing books and their experiences with each other. Chuck in the bonus of getting to work with truly passionate and super lovely book loving people and well ... it just makes me happy.

Email: kellyATkids-bookreviewDOTcom and more info on my blog what-the-kell.blogspot.com (language and rant warning!).