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Wednesday 8 June 2011

Review: Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland Storybook Tea Kit

As books are skewed from pillar to post and morphed into ebooks, games and apps, an increase in interactive creations and ancillary products is certainly an inevitability. It’s kind of cute, though, and somewhat charming, to see a storybook idea that harks back to simpler times… that of the tradition of taking tea.

The Storybook Tea Kit Company has taken Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice tale and packaged it in a very pretty book-shaped box that I must admit, is very nicely done. The box was handwrapped to mimic the authentic book binding artistry of the 19th Century, and has a real antiquarian look about it.

On opening the ‘book’, we discover a gorgeously-designed and beautifully illustrated layout of treasures to begin exploring.

On the front inside cover, we find OPEN ME – a magnetic-closure envelope containing a cinnamon apple chamomile tea (no caffeine for kiddles). On the right, we have a CD labeled PLAY ME which features three sweet songs that can be played during afternoon tea.

A booklet entitled READ ME (complete with rabbit silhouette) which contains not only chapter seven of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (ie: A Mad Tea-Party) but also a synopsis on what Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party Kit is all about, directions on how to make your tea party perfect and even a menu outlining the gorgeous treats in store for tea-party participants.

But it’s when all of these ‘documents’ are lifted out of the right hand side of the box that we find the true treasure – a little bottle labelled DRINK ME (which can be filled with your own sweet elixir), a pocket watch made from European chocolate, two Mad Hatter £10/6 Pence Cookies (that smell utterly divine and are absolutely made for dipping in a bowl of rich cream, as directed in the Tea-Party Directions), and a sweet little EAT ME candy cake with a gumdrop hiding deep inside.

Yes, these treats are very real – all beautifully laid out, packaged and labeled for little girls to coo over.

This Kit is a lovely way to introduce children to a classic tale and also celebrate a special event like a birthday or little girl get-together. Beautifully made and as sweet as gumdrops, any little girl receiving this as a gift will soon be grinning like that ubiquitous Cheshire Cat.

The Storybook Tea Kit Company donates $1 on every purchase of Alice’s Pawfect Tea-Party Kit to the National Bullying Prevention Center

Title: Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland Story Kit
Author: Lewis Carroll
Publisher: Storybook Teakit Company, US$40
Format: Boxed booklet and gift set
For ages: 3+
Type: Novelty Book