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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 26 July 2011

ebook Review: Peekaboo Forest

In Peekaboo Forest, tots can explore a divinely illustrated collection of animals you might find hiding in trees, logs and leaves - during all four seasons of the year.

This is not a story book per se - but rather an interactive seek-and-find featuring single words and animal sound effects.

When they see a waving tail or a nose poking from a log, kids need to tap on the screen and an animal will appear, complete with sound effects and animal name, which is read aloud (most charmingly) by children.

This app is ideal for very young kids just starting out on their ebook journey (or for design-obsessed nuts like me). The peekaboo elements are great fun for kids of this age, though more experienced kids may be disenchanted by the lack of interactive elements once the animals appear.

The app is very short (sadly so - more next time, please!) and there is no Home button on the pages nor forward/back arrows, which makes going back and forth impossible. Basically, once you start - there's no way out but through (a frustration)! Another small fault is that all seasons are headed up with music and the words Spring, Summer and Fall - but no Winter (it is just implied at the beginnin of the app, which opens on a snow scene).

Nonetheless, the simplicity, beautiful design and absolutely gorgeous images are pure pleasure - for both adult and child.

Peekaboo Forest is produced by Night & Day Studios and is available on iTunes for AU$2.49.