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Monday 15 August 2011

Bibliography: Gabrielle Wang

In our second-to-last Behind the Book feature, we are thrilled to welcome author Gabrielle Wang for a two-day celebration of her work, starting with this fabulous line-up of titles.

The Garden of Empress Cassia (published in Spanish, Korean and in the UK)

The Garden of Empress Cassia
(Puffin 2002)

The Pearl of Tiger Bay
(Puffin 2004)
Magic Moment (Kids' Night In 3 Anthology)
(Puffin 2005)

A Chinese Horoscope (Kids' Night In 2 Anthology)
(Puffin 2005)

The Hidden Monastery
(Puffin 2006)
The Witch in the Mansion (When We Were Young Anthology)
(Viking 2007)

The Lion Drummer (Aussie Bite)
 (Puffin 2008)

A Ghost in My Suitcase
(Puffin 2009)

The Race for the Chinese Zodiac
(Black Dog Books 2010)

The Strange Bird (Short and Scary Anthology)
(Black Dog Books 2010)

Little Paradise 
(Penguin 2010)

Meet Poppy (Our Australian Girl)
(Penguin 2011)

Poppy at Summer Hill (Our Australian Girl)
(Penguin 2011)

Poppy and the Thief (Our Australian Girl)
(Penguin 2011)

Poppy Comes Home (Our Australian Girl)
(Penguin 2011)