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Saturday 6 August 2011

Children's Costume: The Complete Historical Sourcebook

The history of children's clothing is a fascinating one - most especially for the recurring themes from centuries old to modern day. We all know everything old is frequently new again, particularly when it comes to fashion, but it's not until a timeline of clothing is lined up before you that you realise just how true this is.

In Children's Costume: The Complete Historical Sourcebook, John Peacock charts the development of every kind of clothing, for boys and girls, from antiquity to the present day.

Reproduced in meticulous detail and full colour are a host of examples: medieval tunics and fur-trimmed hats; miniature seventeenth-century gowns; pretty printed cotton dresses of the nineteenth century; right down to the denim and sportswear of our own time.

Arranged in six chronological sections, the pictures are accompanied by full descriptions including details of all fabrics, trimmings, accessories, headgear and footwear - again, the influences on more modern entries are clearly seen harking back to times of yore. Fascinating stuff.

There is also a reference section containing a concise bibliography and an at-a-glance time chart which summarises the development of children’s costume throughout the centuries.

This encyclopaedic survey, with its gorgeously colourful and detailed illustrations, is a priceless  reference for anyone who works in the field of clothing, and is indispensable to any fashion lover, designer, student or book collector.

Title: Children's Costume: The Complete Historical Sourcebook 
Author: John Peacock 
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, $75 RRP 
Publication Date: July 2009 
ISBN: 9780500514887  
Format: Hard cover 
Type: Books for Parents