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- author Jackie French

Monday 15 August 2011

Our Australian Girl Series

Gabrielle Wang, along with three other Australian authors, has penned a four-book series in the fantastic Our Australian Girl series, released this year by Penguin. The books follow the journeys of three Australian girls through the country's earlier years.

Gabrielle has penned the Poppy books in this series, set in 1864.

It's 1864 . . .

and Poppy lives at bird Creek Mission near Echuca.

Poppy hates the Mission, especially now that her brother, Gus, has run away to pan for gold.

What if Poppy escaped, too?  Would she survive alone in the bush?  And would she ever find Gus, whom she loves more than anything in the world?

Meet Poppy and join her adventure in the first of four stories about a Gold Rush girl who dreams of a better life.

Poppy, disguised as a boy, has escaped from Bird Creek Mission to find her brother, Gus.

Life on the road is hard, but Poppy is given shelter at the Summerhill Homestead.

There she meets a new friend, Noni – but will Noni discover that Poppy is not who she says she is?  And will Poppy find Gus before they lose each other forever?

Poppy is on the road again, heading to the town of Wahgunyah.

On the way she meets a stranger who seems to know something about her past, and her special letter with the red tiger seal.  But the more time she spends with this boy, the more difficult he becomes.

Should Poppy trust him?

Poppy, disguised as a lost princess from India, has joined a travelling medicine show. They're about to enter the town of Beechworth, where her brother Gus told her he was heading months before. Poppy is so happy to think that she might find Gus at last! But when she follows the clues, they lead her to the cemetery. Gus couldn't really be there, could he?

Join Poppy in this final of four exciting stories.

Book Four will be released on 3 October 2011.