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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 13 September 2011

10 Fun Facts - Dave Hackett

1. I used to work as a TV extra, and had gigs on Home and Away, E-Street (remember that?), Australia's Most Wanted and Police Rescue.

2. I was a 14 night game show champion in the late 90's on Burgo's Catch Phrase (yes, I won the car!). Also won stuff on Wheel-of-Fortune, too!

3. I was dux of my primary school (well, boy dux. We had a boy and a girl. If we only had one, it wouldn't have been me. i.e... I came second).

4. I used to work in a bank, and can safely say that it's the dullest job I've ever had (inlcuding when I was a door-to-door saucepan salesman).

5. I was made an 'Honorary Brady for life' by the real Greg Brady, at Rooty Hill RSL. Seriously.

6. I've travelled to every continent on the planet (except for Asia, Europe, Africa, Antarctica and South America).

7. My Dad was a ballroom dancing champion back in the 1700s (actually the mid-60s).

8. I know lots of famous people (I don't really, but people automatically think you're interesting if you hang out with famous types!).

9. I don't do dairy - cows of the world are safe around me (except I'll still eat the odd one - just won't drink their milk or eat their cheese).

10. Hmm.. last one. OK.. um.. I don't like coriander. How's that? I'll eat anything else, but coriander just freaks me out. I am, however, trying to teach myself to like it, as I'm already 'the difficult one' when we eat somewhere - I don't want people to have to dig out the coriander and the dairy from my meals.. too much hard work.