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- author Jackie French

Thursday 29 September 2011

My Fave Dr Seuss Book: Dallas Clayton

I get asked a lot about my favorite kids' books. It's hard sometimes because if there was a top 10, I'm sure I could put Dr Seuss in all 10 spots. He slays so hard. Seriously, some of his work just destroys. There's really no way around it.

I mean, it's hard to argue that there is a more perfect book than How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It says everything you could ever want to say about consumerism, about the transcendent power of love, about why holidays exist, about the power of the collective voice - and it says it all in less than 70 pages, with words that rhyme.

Kids love it, parents love it. It's a real piece of magic. And on top of it all, it was made in 1957, a good four decades before Christmas even became the type of camping-in-line-in-front-of-Best-Buy spectacular that would so easily lead one to write such a book.

What a powerhouse! What a beast!

See more about the astonishing Dallas and his books at dallasclayton.com.