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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 27 September 2011

My Fave Dr Seuss Book: Dee White

My all time favourite Dr Seuss book is definitely The Lorax. Who could not love someone who lives in a Lerkin at "The far end of town where the grickle-grass grows"?

To be honest, I've been looking for grickle-grass ever since, but no luck so far. I'd also love to meet the Brown Bar-Ba-Loots in their "Bar-Ba-Loot suits".

The Lorax was ahead of his time in realising the importance of conservation. He spoke "for the trees" and he worried about their destruction and about how the environment was being polluted by industrialisation, but nobody would listen until it was almost too late.

The Lorax is so symbolic of what is going on in our world today.

I loved the way this book uses humour and colour to get across a serious message without being didactic. But most of all, I loved the wise and caring Lorax.

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