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- author Jackie French

Friday 30 September 2011

My Fave Dr Seuss Book: Vicki Stanton

It’s hard to imagine childhood or children’s books without the wonderfully unique mind of Dr Seuss. And now there is to be a new release, The Bippolo Seed, and all of us who have read and loved Dr Seuss’s books wait to see what new treasure will be revealed.

You would assume that choosing a favourite book would be difficult. For me, it is easy. Whenever Dr Seuss is mentioned I think of The Foot Book. 

This book was the second I bought as a new mother and it will always remind me of that most treasured time of life. Reading The Foot Book with my daughter was hilarious fun. She never tired of listening to, and later on reading with me, the perfect rhyme and predictable text.

Our favourite lines were: his feet, her feet, fuzzy fur feet. Feet had to be the first word she could read independently. Throw in the illustrations which roll across the pages and you have the perfect early childhood book.

If The Foot Book was being critically reviewed there would be discussions on the theme of diversity and the educational component of teaching opposites. Mention would be made of the bountiful white space, the simplicity of text and its reflection in the illustrations. However, above all other considerations the greatness of a book is measured by the emotional response it elicits and for me and my daughter The Foot Book is a bond. And for that I thank the Dr.

Vicki Stanton is a writer and founder of sensational industry newsletter Buzz Words www.buzzwordsmagazine.com.