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- author Jackie French

Monday 31 October 2011

ebook Review: What Was I Scared Of?

Whilst walking through the woods one dark and spooky night, our little Seussy friend insists he's not afraid of anything. Never has been. Until he sees something rather curious. A pair of pale green pants. In the woods. With no one in them!!

Of course, our friend insists he isn't scared. What could those pants be for? Why are they standing there in the night? Alone? And then - they jump! and the little critter's heart finally begins to thump!

Of course, our 'unfrightened' friend runs away - and a week later - he sees the pants again - only this time riding a bike! The next night, whilst fishing on the Roover River - what should he see that makes him shiver? The pants, again, this time rowing  a boat!

As these odd, eerie pants continue to haunt our fellow, he finally succumbs to a pale shade of yellow. He hides in a brickel bush, snug out of sight (and he stays there all night  - and the next night, too) - but it's not until he comes face to face with the pants and screams in terror - that he realises the pants may not be as harmful as they seem.

Can our friend and a pair of green pants become friends? Can looks be deceiving? Does not everyone deserve a chance? The psychology of Seuss shines yet again in this quite heart-thumping tale that quickly finds a heartfelt ending - and a reminder that our fears are only as powerful as we allow them to be.

The ebook version of What Was I Scared Of? features gorgeous aqua backgrounds and mystical music that perfectly lend a spooky air. Kids can either read, have read, or autoplay the story. Interactive capability includes being able to touch words for quick vocab enrichment.

What Was I Scared Of?is published by Oceanhouse Media, iTunes, A$0.99.