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Saturday 1 October 2011

Ode to Dr Seuss by Adam Wallace

KBR fell about laughing at this glorious ode to Dr Seuss by talented author Adam 'Wally' Wallace. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

To dedicate to Dr Seuss,
I have to, have to, stay all loose,
I have be loose like a goose,
A moose, some juice, a freed caboose.
And I have to, have to, write in rhyme,
I have to, have to, all the time.

Because even now, I have to say,
I’m influenced, right now, today.
This very day, this hour, this second,
This minute too, I think, I reckon.
This micro-second, yes, that too,
His words are still in me, and you.
They’re in that guy just over there,
They’re in the nits in that girl’s hair,
They’re in that baby,
And that old lady,

Now some people don’t like Seuss. I know. It’s weird.
I think they usually wear a beard.
And shorts with long socks, and long socks with sandals,
And have fancy certificates on their fancy mantles.
But these people are, to me, the exception,
So here’s the thing. Here’s my perception.

Most of the words he uses, you see,
Are the same words used by you and me.
But in his hands they’re NOT the same,
He played with words like he owned the game.
So every word in the Dr Seuss books,
Will seep in the crannies, pervade all the nooks,
Of all the senses that you own,
And cheer you up if you’re sad, or alone.

Now as a child I’d sit for hours,
Enthralled and enraptured by this man’s powers.
Every word and every letter,
Could he have done it any better?
But in the end it doesn’t matter,
Because in this world of mindless chatter,
Of abbreviated pitter patter,
Of texts and tweeted nitter natter,
Of “I’m too busy” witter watter,
Whose words will save us? Who’ll be there?
When 6 week old kids are shoved in day care,
So our fancy car can have a pair,
And our giant TV can cover where,
A wall used to be?

Who will help when life’s unfair?
Who will say, “It’s scary out there!
But go and live life anyway,
Have fun, try hard, and it’s okay,
If you don’t quite reach where you’re going,
If things feel like they’re barely flowing,
Because the heights you’ll reach will be so high,
That you will leap, and you will fly,
And you will soar just like an eagle,
(And sometimes sleep just like a beagle).”

Who will say this?
Dr Seuss!
So when you feel lower than a tiger snake’s belly,
Forget that car!
Forget that telly!
Go out and find joy in the world,
Do things that make your toes all curled,
And things that make your head all whirled,
And things that make your eyes all squirled.

You’ll fall. Of course you’ll fall.
But I’ll tell you something … that’s okay!
Just read a little Seuss each day,
Live life. Read Seuss. That’s what you need,
And you, my friend, will surely succeed,
98 and ¾ percent guaranteed!

See more on Wally's wonderful work (and have a giggle, too) at  www.adam-wallace-books.com.