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Tuesday 15 November 2011

ebook Review: DK My First Word Play App

I love this app! Oh DK, you've done it yet again in this fabulous fun, gorgeously-styled app for wee ones. Phonics has never been so much fun. With classic white backgrounds and a stylish collection of beautifully-photographed cut-outs, this is one uber cool playstation for kids.

Upon opening the app, kids can first click on WORDS. Inside they are given several choices for play.

Matching Pairs features a line up of dots with an object and word behind. Kids must find the matching pair. Super cute audio to... er - match.

Phonic Fun presents a word with a letter missing. Below we see the five vowels and kids must drag a letter to the word to fill in the gap. If the letter doesn't go, it squeaks and dashes back into place. If the letter is correct, an accompanying image zooms into place. Again, adorable sound bytes accompany the action.

Rhyme Time offers a sentence, this time with potentially rhyming images that can be dragged into the gaps. When the child get it right, the correct imagery sails into view.

Word Painter is jolly good fun. An image outlines appears - kids colour it in with their finger, and when they're done, the image and word pops into view. The trick here is to choose the correct colour for the object.

Back to the main menu, and we have two more options for play.

In Magnets, children can add letters and numbers to a white board where they can drag and sort words and figures to their heart's content, and Dictionary offers an A-Z of large format words with accompanying images and sound effects.

Navigating back to the home page is made very easy with a drop down menu that's basic, not fiddly - perfect for little hands. Items are large, bright and easy to activate and sound bytes truly kid-lovely.

Striking simplicity meets very clever educational design in this fabulous app. Would suit kids aged 2 - 5.

DK My First Word Play App is published by Dorling Kindersley and is available on iTunes for $4.49.