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Sunday 20 November 2011

Guest Post: Publishing a Book at 10 Years of Age

KBR warmly welcomes our very first 10-year-old guest poster - writing under the pen name Skye Lotus. Skye tells us about her passion for writing, and publishing her very first book . . . with the help of her dad.

Hello, reader!

I’m Skye Lotus and I’m a ten-year-old writer. I write fantasy stories, but I’ve only published one so far.

I write stories in all of my spare time, and I like to draw, which helps me organise my covers!

I LOOOOOOVE to write because it makes my emotions flow. It helps me daydream and wish for things (that can’t come true!). I always let my mind wander at night and I prefer reading at night to watching Masterchef and other shows.

What inspired me, you ask? I guess the itch to always turn on the computer and type up a story or pick up a pen and show my creativity. Fantasy is my favourite subject to write because there are endless possibilities in Magic and it makes me wish we could live like that, with adventure around every twist instead of boring old schedules and organised life. Can you imagine that?

When I write, I feel like I’m in the story too, observing and being a part of it. I like to describe every little, tiny, measly detail. The more descriptive, the more it seems like it’s happening around me!

It’s NOT amazing to see a ten-year-old write stories and publish them. In fact, I think there should be more kids like me showing their ideas and opening up their minds to the world. Writing is fun for those who see life with no corners and opportunities by the thousand. If I could make every single person at my school write a separate story, I think the world would be a far more creative place.

My friends and family were all really supportive. I’ve inspired my friends to start writing a bit more as well. They even want me to try and publish their stories! I couldn’t be happier than to be amongst such wonderful people that help me to do my best.

Special thanks to my Dad (Very, very, very, VERY special thanks), for he kept updating me on what was happening and telling me to be patient with all the publishers (because the publishers take a jolly 11 days to publish!). I think he was really fantastic! (Dad's note: We have some lessons in reality ahead of us here! Apologies to all of you out there that have waited much longer.)

There’s nothing stopping you from writing as well. When my dad found a publisher he was interested in, we submitted my book. After at least one or two rejections and a lot of editing, SmashWords, a site that publishes books to different booksellers, such as Apple, Diesel and Barnes and Nobel, accepted my book.

My favourite books are Deltora Quest Series 1, 2 and 3, by Emily Rodda. I like them because they have mysteries and loads of fantasy and I end up wishing I were there too. (Daydreaming comes in there!) The characters are intriguing and different in every possible way, which gave me the inspiration for Star, the main character in my first book Sweet Dreams, Not!. She is a girl who likes black splashed with rainbows, and her hair is a deep shade of violet. (Strange, I know.)

I plan to write four more books in my series, Starry Wings. There will be different ideas in each one of them, just to keep things magical and exciting. I hope I don't put too many boys off my story by using 'pixies'.

My second book will be called Frozen to the Spot. It's about Star going on more exciting adventures with her friends. They are on a mission to destroy an enchantment over one of Jamie's (Star's new friend) best friends, Flynn. But the enchantment that holds him spellbound makes him tough, cruel and dangerous. There's no way he's going to let Star break the spell!

My third book is called Dancing Flames. I haven't started writing it yet, but I plan to do so very soon. I've finished writing the first draft of Frozen to the Spot, and I'm waiting for my dad to help me edit it and get it published.

I like writing books a lot. Something about writing makes me feel like I'm at home in my own little world, with no one to disturb my mind's ideas from flowing out. But this feeling always comes to an end after I'm asked to get off the computer or go to class. Sometimes I wish I could write all day!

Keep the creative juices flowing!

Skye Lotus
Official Author (yay!)

Sweet Dreams, Not! is available as an ebook on SmashWords, iTunes or Diesel