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Friday 25 November 2011

Review: BIG Kids Magazine

BIG: Bravery Imagination Generosity. Such is the underlying message of the newly released BIG Kids Magazine, a publication that provides "an immersive, interactive and imaginative arts experience for children of all ages".

I was sent to the magazine website by a friend when it first launched on September 30th this year. The concept of the magazine grabbed me immediately:

“BIG Kids Magazine is a contemporary arts publication for children. Driven by discovery, experimentation and response, we invite children to participate in topical conversations about art and the world. With a senior editor who is eight years old, BIG challenges hierarchies of who is listening and who is speaking to amplify small voices in BIG ways.”

I immediately subscribed and was absolutely delighted when my copy arrived, as were my children who all managed to find something within the pages that captured their imagination. My daughter was particularly fascinated and has spent quite a lot of time reading through the magazine and creating wonderful pictures inspired by the stories, images and artworks within the pages.

I love the concept of featuring the creations of children and artists side by side – I love the value that this places on the creativity and abilities of children and their contributions. BIG Kids Magazine is like a creativity springboard, offering children a starting point for exciting discoveries and encouraging them to explore ideas, express themselves creativity and to be inspired by the creativity of their peers.

We can’t wait for the second issue of BIG Kids Magazine to arrive early next year. A subscription is a wonderful Christmas gift idea for creative children, particularly those who are more artistic or visual in the way they create.

Title: BIG Kids Magazine
Creative Directors: Jo Pollitt and Lilly Blue
Publisher: BIG Kids Magazine, $18.45 (single issue), $35 (annual subscription - 2 issues)
Publication Date: Biannual (first issue 30 Sept 2011)
Format: Soft cover
ISBN: 9771839374006
For ages: 5+
Type: Magazine