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- author Jackie French

Thursday 24 November 2011

Review: Pop-Up London

Gloriously-talented Jennie Maizels must have had some seriously good fun creating this stunning pop-up book for children of all ages. I defy any adult not to dive headlong into the River Thames and splash about in the uniquely historical and visually stunning splendour that is London. That is, if you can rend it from the hands of your children.

From the very first page which pops into life a series of monument buildings along the Thames, the eye is sent on a flitting dance from delight to 3D delight. There are lift-the-flaps featuring 'can you find's and 'secrets' and 'the most haunted bed in Britain' - all those things adventurous kids love exploring the most.

There is a moveable boat race between Oxford and Cambridge. There is a spattering of characters from which speech bubbles burst. There is a catalogue of famous faces, known for haunting the area - and more - all gorgeously illustrated and utterly charming.

On page two we head to Piccadily and Buck palace where Beefeaters march in a trumpeting parade and the Thames opens to reveal the city's subterranean infrastructure that keeps this extraordinary capital in perpetual motion - the Underground.

On through Parliament and the London Eye (which lifts and spins on the page like a kiddie roulette), we're treated to more fun facts and interactive images that gently reveal the many independent treasures that make London so wonderful.

This is a beautifully special book; it's love for me.

Title: Pop-Up London
Author/Illustrator: Jennie Maizels
Publisher: Walker Books, $39.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 October 2011
Format: Hard cover
ISBN:  9781406321579
For ages: 5+
Type: Picture Book