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- author Jackie French

Saturday 31 December 2011

ebook Review: Gone Wishing

Sometimes an ebook comes along that makes you gasp out loud with delight, and clap your hands like a small child. These are the books saturated not only with talent, but with a passion for simply fabulous, utterly creative mettle.

In Gone Wishing, we are taken to another world where wishes are calibrated and granted. The wishes on birthday candles, those hidden in coins or wishbones – all these precious desires are granted beneath a magic wishing well, which must be accessed before the story can begin.

Simple, just throw all those coins in the fountain – and be prepared to enter the fantastical world of Best Wishes, the largest wish-granting company in the world. Within this world, you’ll find many a genie, fairy and leprechaun, including the great Mortimer Mimble, director of Best Wishes, and his young son Jacob.

Poised to take over fultime wish-granting from his father, young Jacob has a problem. He can’t make wishes come true, no matter how much he tries – and with his father demanding he makes seven wishes come true or he’ll no longer be his son, Jacob has no choice but to asks his friends Pru and Basil for help.

But can these learner wish-granters help Jacob achieve his magical requirements? It’s not until Jacob uses his inherent creativity that his first wish grant comes true [ish].

Not only is this a beautifully-penned and utterly clever story, with bundles of magic and pink-faced humour, it is an utterly gorgeous visual delight. Rarely do images, text, music, sound effects and eye-boggling interactivity come together so seamlessly to provide an holistically enchanting story experience.

There is loads of interactivity – so much, you’re spoiled for choice – and all of it is highly imaginative and eye-popping and unexpected. The scene where Basil the leprechaun spins wishes into the air is absolutely priceless, as is the supersonic version of little Timmy’s red bicycle wish.

Easy navigation, brilliant sound effects and a question mark option to help kids find all the touchable surprises, this is one of my favourite ebooks this year.

Gone Wishing is available in English, Danish, Spanish and Chinese – just head to the information section to change the language.

Written by Luca Lorenci and and illustrated by Matej Jenko, Gone Wishing is published by Fi Productions and is available on iTunes for $4.49.