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Friday 16 December 2011

Review: Santa's Aussie Mix-Up

Santa needs help! He needs help to deliver ALL of the Christmas presents on time. Lucky that all of the Australian animals are here to help him ... or is it?

They are all super keen to show Santa what they can do, yelling "Pick me! Pick me!"

Enthusiasm, however, doesn't equate to helpfulness!

Koala falls asleep. Possum gets the tinsel tangled in trees and Tassie Devil accidentally Christmas-wraps a mob of wallabies.

What ever will Santa do?

"Pick me! Pick me!" comes the cry again. This time it is Emu and Kangaroo busting to show Santa what they can do. Kangaroo puts the presents in her pouch to show Santa how great she can bounce. As she does, ALL of the presents fall out. Emu declares he is faster than a Bondi bus but then promptly trips up on the cattle grid.

All of a sudden both Kangaroo and Emu are in big argument! Hitting and yelling when Santa tells them to "STOP!" The only thing that will work, is if they both do the job TOGETHER!

But what a mix-up! Kevin gets a dolly! Grandad gets a hula hoop and dad gets a fairy princess book. Whoops, Emu and Kangaroo seem to have gotten things a bit mixed up, but oh what fun!

Filled with a troop of Aussie animals, the book comes with a CD in which you can sing along with the book, to the tune of Advance Australia Fair. You can read the book along with the song or try and sing along yourself with the instrumental version. Great for schools and child care groups.