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Tuesday 10 January 2012

10 Little Penguins Stuck on the Fridge

If two little penguins each have two fish and the polar bear takes two fish and eats them, how many fish (and penguins) are left?

We at KBR love anything that will help kids thrive - whether it be reading . . . or counting. In this adorable new pack by award-winning, dynamic French duo Fromental and Jolivet, we meet 10 little magnetic penguins and their hungry polar bear friend - who have a lot of numeracy-associated activities to perform.

The kit includes a booklet with a series of counting 'games' like The Miraculous Catch . . . 5 little penguins are on an ice floe with empty bellies and feeling rather low. 3 of them jump in the canoe, where they catch 8 fish. Unable to resist such a delicious dish, each gobbles down 2 fish each. Kids then have to work out how many fish these adorable little fishermen take back with them to the ice.

Creating a 'story' that requires numerical problem-solving is a lot of fun - and the enclosed magnets (44 in total) make story-telling-counting a whole lot of fun, too - either on the fridge or other magnetic surface.

Educational purposes are not the only delight here . . . iconically gorgeous illustrations by Jolivet are a joy to have on your fridge. Talk about ogle-worthy pop art, all wrapped up in a pretty impressive educational package. Worth it for the art alone!

Note: fridge not included.

Title: 10 Little Penguins Stuck on the Fridge
Author: Jean-Luc Fromental
Illustrator: Joëlle Jolivet
Publisher: Abrams, $25.95
Publication Date: 1 November 2011
ISBN: 9781419701375
Format: Soft cover book with magnets
For ages: 2 - 6
Type: Educational kit