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Wednesday 25 January 2012

Review: The Little Old Man Who Looked up at the Moon

I almost feel like Pamela Allen should have her own category when it comes to kids books. She is one of the most prolific writers in Australian children's literature. If you don't have the pleasure of knowing her work you then you must track her down. She is one of those writers whose work that perhaps you would see and go "Ah yes, I know that book, I loved that book." THAT is a Pamela Allen book.

There was something on the back flap of the book that I really wanted to share as there was simply no other or better way of putting it.

"Pamela's books are full of the magic of language; they are 'fragments of theatre', designed to be read aloud and shared between an adult and child." THAT is a Pamela Allen book.

We meet a little old man and a little old lady who are very happy together, in their little house, on top of a hill.

One day, the little old man looks up at the moon and is troubled. Questions bubbling in his mind.

"Does the sky go on forever and ever?"
"Where do we come from?"
"Where do we go?"
"Why are we here?"

Very good questions little old man!

Come on the journey as the little old woman tries to find the answers for her beloved. Along her way, she meets some characters who share their thoughts with her.

This book is a gorgeous way of opening up conversation with your child. Ask them, what do they think? What are the answers? Whatever you want them to be.

I [heart] this book for encouraging an inquisitive and curious mind. Nurturing the imagination. THAT is a Pamela Allen book.

Title: The Little Old Man Who Looked up at the Moon
Author: Pamela Allen
Publisher: Penguin , $24.95 RRP
Publication Date: January 2012
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780670075812
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book