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- author Jackie French

Saturday 18 February 2012

ebook Review: It's A Small World

Well, I mean, what do you expect from Disney? This amazing app (whilst not technically an ebook, it does feature literary aspects) takes kids on a voyage around the world via the classic song, with a mindboggling array of stunning illustration and interactivity.

Children can either tour through the striking world scenes in order or they can spin a wheel to choose other locales from around the world, from London to the jungles of South America. As they tap on the picture vistas, children can learn new, inspiring words that correlate with the messages imparted by the song lyrics.

By tapping on each little person or object, kids can hear a myriad sound effects. They can flick dragon tails, scoot around on sea turtles, rotate windmills and bop hot air balloons around the sky. They can create music, make people speak and pop helium balloons. Aussie kids will love feeding a koala some gum leaves and popping a joey from a pouch.

Each new vista features music and sound effects endemic to the place and people. One of my favourite pages is the huge tree brimming with kids who say hello in several different languages. The use of adorable children's voices perfectly round out a gorgeous audio experience - and of course, visually this app is just stunning.

Kids also have an option to sing along with the song, tapping fire works into a dark night sky as they go.

Pure magic.

It's A Small World is published by Disney Publishing and is available on iTunes for A$4.49.