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Monday 13 February 2012

Review: Head Hog

Constantine is a responsible pig. A serious pig. A pig who takes his job very seriously… watching the other pigs, taking care of the other pigs, being there for the other pigs. Constantine is Head Hog, and he likes to keep his trotters clean.

One day, a little pink pig named Aristotle asks the Head Hog why he never has any fun.

Constantine most wisely advises it is because he is the leader. Leaders need to reliable, responsible, rigid. It simply wouldn’t do to have the leader tumbling down hills or rolling in the mud. I mean – what would people say?

Indeed – what would they say? When pressed by Aristotle for an answer, Constantine stumbles . . . he really doesn’t know what people would say.

Bolstered by little Aristotle, Constantine is encouraged to become a ‘follower’, even if only for a short time. He follows his young friend on a rollfest down the hill. He slops in the food trough. And yes yes – he rolls in that mud.

And does Constantine loosen up and have fun? Can he play ‘follow the leader’ with his friends or will he be too busy just having fun?

This is a heartwarming book with a totally-lovable main character. The storyline is funny, charming and engaging – I particularly love Murphy’s use of onomatopoeia. Ben Wood’s gorgeous illustrations perfectly bring Constantine and friends to life – and his use of bright watercolour on white background is a joy to meander through.


Head Hog is available at the Koala Books website store.

Title: Head Hog
Author: Sally Murphy
Illustrator: Ben Wood
Publisher: Koala Books, $13.99 RRP
Format: Paper back
ISBN: 9780864619488
For ages: 3 - 8
Type: Picture Book