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Tuesday 10 April 2012

Review: Murgatroyd's Garden

Vivid memories of the boy who refused to have his hair washed bubbled to the surface at the mention of Murgatroyd's Garden. This re-release is a classic to be treasured, especially by anyone whose children protest at bath or shower time.

An entire district is paralysed by Murgatroyd's screams at shampoo time.

Two loving parents cannot suppress their son's protests. Their promises are drowned out by Murgatroyd's hollering. Everyone in the city and neighbouring towns is disrupted. Businesses close. No one sleeps. Even the dogs and cats are unhappy. Courts of Law cancel hearings because judges cannot think.

The Queen and Mayor decide something must be done to stop the disturbance so they send Murgatroyd's parents a telegram: No more hair washes by order of the Mayor.

Life returns to normal for almost everyone. While Murgatroyd is happy at first, strange things happen when you don't wash your hair. Without giving the story away, flowers and trees are involved. There are even birds and wild animals. You'll never guess what happens.

Go on, take a leap into an unexpected world that is Murgatroyd's Garden. It'll make you want to wash your hair every night.

- this review by Jo Burnell

Title: Murgatroyd's Garden
Author: Judy Davos
Illustrator: Drahos Zak
Publisher: Walker Books, $16.95RRP
Publication Date: 1 September 2011 (first published 1986: CBCA Honour Book)
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781921720529
For ages: 4 +
Type: Picture Book